DKND Engineers is an engineering-consulting company established in 2001 in Thessaloniki - Greece, after

          the merger of the individual consultancies run by its founding members and since then has grown 

          steadily, offering a wide range of high quality services, providing engineering design and consulting

          services on large infrastructure - environmental projects.

For more than a decade, the company mainly focuses on road network planning and design, hydraulic infrastructure networks design, flood risks assessment & management and water pollution control methods.

Key objective of the company is to provide technically sound along with customer suited solutions to each project. The successful delivery of complex and multidisciplinary projects, is guaranteed by the efficient management structure combined with the expertise, know-how and accumulated experience of the company’s staff. By persistently updating its practices and staying abreast to current technological developments, the company is best positioned to provide specialized project approaches and optimize project solutions.


DKND Engineers offers integrated services in project coordination and design with the view of safeguarding that  all assignments undertaken are performed according to the project specifications, on time and within budget,  and meet the project requirements in terms of technical, scientific and quality standards.

The firm has extensive experience in project planning, highway / road design, road safety audits, environmental impact assessment studies, topographic surveys, environmental and water quality control studies. For design purposes, the latest available engineering software packages are used, which can be modified in-house and adapted to suite the client's particular requirements.

Our expert staff provides advice and support to clients on all issues and procedures related to project implementation, from the initial planning phase to the most detailed designs.

Moreover, the company has considerable experience in the management and support of co-financed european programs, since it was Technical Advisor of the region of Western Macedonia during 2006-2009.



DKND Engineers possesses specialized software tools classified in various categories such as:

General Transportation Design

CAD - GIS Hydraulic Design
Process Design Highway Design
Land Surveying and Terrain Modeling


DKNDEngineers’s  Partners:

Nikos Chatzis
Kostas Chatzis
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